Well its close at the top for those challenging the points league with only one date left to claim the title….hope you have your entries in for the 11th March as most classes are full with wait list..


In the Intro Section we have very little margin with Sarah Hillam and Betty leading on 43 points and then Laura Matthews and Splash a close 2nd placing 39 in the senior section.

The Juniors are also very close with Abigail Hearne and Amazonian Treasure with closely behind Ruby Young with Murphy and Olivia Harewood and Pedro!

Prelim section we have Jill Foster and Li Ala Valentino with 89 points but still chasing and could do it is Constance Middleton-Yates and Trailtrow Gair Spring currently on 75 points.

Junior Prelim out in front so far is Lily Crisp with Colliery Junior on 88 points and depending on the next competition is it possible for Charlotte Merrigan-Martin on Splash to catch up… possibly not so we may have our Junior Prelim Champion already…  scores on the doors as they say! Still who knows… will it go to the wire and a photo finish…?  Nope I do believe we have our Junior Points Champion with Lily Crisp. Huge congratulations.

Novice Senior is currently Pauline Rowntree and Milo on 26 points but Ashley Suddes is also in with taking the lead at the next competition followed very closely by Gail Mawhinney and the amazing Coolio who scored a whopping 80%+ score from Judge Glynis Middleton who was clearly impressed with their performance. A great warm up for the regional’s for Gail and Coolio but will they also claim the Novice Points title….? Who knows but its close enough for a new competitor Rachel Clark and Wot Beauty to also step in. All for the taking next weekend!

Junior Novice is without doubt Charlotte Merrigan-Martin in this section with a massive lead of 93 points on her superb mare Solaris Dwenqua. Huge congratulations Charlotte.

Our Elementary winner is Ashley Suddes as she has two in the lead currently but who knows we could have a newbie enter Elementary next weekend and sneak in a stomping win to claim the title…

Same for our Elementary Junior Lily Crisp currently the only Junior in the section but again its all to play for next competition.

Medium section we currently have Katie Lee with Hillgarth Red Ray out in the lead int he Senior section but again all to play for at this last date…

Currently no Junior at Medium level.


The deciding day is March the 11th for the points league table.


PLEASE NOTE: If the weather continues or the melt brings floods we shall be rescheduling to the 17th March 2018.  We shall make a decision on Tuesday 6th March.


Current standings are here :  Winter Points 17-18 Table