Well what can we say, Friday 16th November was a night to remember.

Firstly we want to thank all who attended our first Winter Ball and Awards Night and well done to all the nominees and award winners. Also Thank you to Eleven Photography for capturing the night perfectly for us.

It was such a hard decision to choose from all those who had been nominated. The results from the awards night are as follows:

  • Academy Development Awards
  • Senior – Victoria Crome
  • Junior – Taylor Nelson and Daisy Woodall
  • Leamside Commitment Award
  • The Hinds Family
  • Newcomers Award
  • Senior – Janice Swailes and Casino Artist
  • Junior – Kiera Finlay and Misty
  • Progression Award
  • Seniors – Lauren Crowe (Dressage), Laura Matthews (Showing), Marie Wilson (Showjumping)
  • Juniors – Isabella Pearson (Dressage), Lacey Wake (Showing), Kate Anderson (Showjumping)
  • Team Leam Outstanding Award
  • Anna Burns, Charlotte Thurman and Marie Johnston
  • Special Achievement Award
  • Charlotte Merrigan-Martin
  • Youth Spotlight Awards
  • Lily Crisp
  • Isabella Pearson
  • Ella Scrimger
  • Billy Luther
  • Zoe Shields
  • Charlotte Merrigan Martin
  • Macy Dougdale
  • Giorgio Carlos Catleugh
  • Anna Bates
  • Rachel Proudley
  • Poppy Deakin

All nominees will receive a certificate and for those who were unable to attend on the night to collect there awards please get in touch.

We will leave you with a few words from Samantha Brown on her reflection of the night…………..

What can I say other than thank you, not just for the support at our first (of many) Balls but for the continued support we always receive! From the people that have supported us for days, weeks, months, to those who have been there from day dot nearly 20 years ago, THANK YOU♥️. It has not been an easy road and I’m sure there will be many more loop to loops, twists and turns ahead, but what a fun ride it has been so far! To those who doubted, judged and laughed, a big thank you to you too. Thank you for being an example of what we will never be, you were the grit on the road to determination, the spanner in the works that tightened the wheels…and then just when you thought those big drops would make us let go, damn right we did, we threw our hands up and screamed with a big fat smile; every single time.

Here is to the people that love us and the ones who are the glue that holds us together. You all know who you are and without each and everyone of you Leamside simply wouldn’t be.

Roll on the future and more to the point, the next ball!!! ♥️

Sam xx