Its been a hotly contested dressage series so far with us just past the half way mark the tables are tight at the top!


Intro we have Senior section headed up by Emma Crowe and I’ve been thinking out in front with Paige Chipchase-Albertson and Bev Chipchase-Albertson one point adrift for the 2nd placing…..  so its all to play for in these last few tests. What a great start everyone has had.

Intro juniors is Mia Bradley and Ballynamoney Bob with Katie Rowan and Rustic Thunder.


Prelim senior section is Andrea Hindson with her own Angel and in the juniors we have Isabella Pearson and Mahanagh Boy. Closely behind with one point in it is Charlotte Merrigan-Martin with Laura Matthews Splash.


Novice Senior points section is headed up in joint place with Rachael Callaghan with her own Lucca Khan and Constance Middleton-Yates and Trailtrow Gair Springs. In the para section we have Tracey Steel and Johan’s Debut


Elementary section is Hannah McGahan and Danny and Medium is Heather Lawton and Salsa Rico.


So all close at the top but still plenty to play for.


Championships this year are on the 14th October 2018 and are also the beginning of our Winter series league with double points being awarded on this day. make for a great show by getting your entry in early if you have already qualified (see the table) and if not then get your entries in for the last few competitions to amke sure you have the best chances.


We have some fabulous prizes again this year with Rugs, jackets and Leamside branded goods too, All in all a fabulous day with podium prize givings. See you all soon.

Summer Points Table 18