It is time for us to say goodbye! or is it Au revoir?!

For those that know us then you know our story and where it began and how this has ended the way it has…. I won’t tarnish this post with history but I will say in true Arnie form….. we will be back!

We began Leamside Equestrian in 2005… after we bought a rather derelict and unkempt farm on the 1st April 2001; that should of raised a few alarm bells then! Throughout the last 12 years we have had various business interruptions through a Northumbrian Water flood alleviation system being installed with catastrophic consequences and recurrent flooding of the worst kind.

Since the settlement with Northumbrian Water is complete this has led to us making the decision to leave Leamside and look for land that we can rebuild. We have learned a great deal whilst building Leamside and with this knowledge we will build a better and more focused version of Leamside. Watch this space!

The strategic decisions we have had to make and the unfortunate timing and speed of decision led to the cancellation of our Summer Series Dressage Championships. With this in mind we did consider hosting at a different venue, However it would not be the same and so we have refunded all entries and will present the league winners at the Winter ball on the 15th November 2019. please see link for tickets.

It has been a truly difficult and distressing time for us all but we are confident that the decisions that we have been forced to make are the correct ones. As stated Leamside has endured a great deal over the last 12 years and we have decided that enough is enough. Whilst we have invested heavily in facility and groundworks this fails to improve the property and land is irrecoverable.

When we had a meeting with all at TeamLeam a few weeks ago it became apparent to us that Leamside was more than a location. We had built the community we had envisaged and we were/are overwhelmed with the amount of support and assistance during this difficult time.

Our mission was always to build this community and to provide access to good facilities, education and to share with like minded friends. We certainly ticked the box on all and more of what we wished to achieve at Leamside.

TeamLeam is more than we could ever imagine and we owe a great deal to each and everyone that contributed to the atmosphere and success of our mission. We strive to encourage excellence in all we do and we are so proud of what has been achieved.

May we take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that contributed to this success and we hope you will be part of the future of a NEW LEAMSIDE! Onwards and upwards!

See you all at the BALL! Don’t Miss it! It will be the most magical experience! ……….. can you guess the theme?!