just as the weather breaks we have decided to add an extra date for the Winter dressage Championships.


Our conpetitors have been working tkwards qualification all season and its only fair to gove them the opportunity to gain those extra valuable points towards the series league table.


We already have a couple of winners winners who cannot be caught but still some titles to play for so get your entries in for this coming. Saturday 17th March 2018.


Thank you to all our Arena Eventing competitors who have understood the position and supported this decision.


So if you havent enetered the Dressage for Saturday – DO NOT miss out! Enter now on Equoevents


***** FAIR PLAY POLICY – Please note if you competed at the event on the 11th March and gained points towards the league you won’t gain points on this date. This date is for those that couldn’t make the 11th March due to the Beast from the east weather. Applies to Intro and Prelim only.


ALL Novices, Elementsry and Medium classes are OPEN for points. ********